Why cruel and unusual mobile security policies compromise security…

“Thank you for your purchase of Mojo! Your credit card has been billed $19.95.”

As I leaned back and reviewed my morning email on my iPad, I was surprised to see a receipt for a purchase of something called Mojo. However, it quickly dawned on me exactly what it was and how this had happened.

You see, for a few weeks my son had been playing a free-to-play game on his iPad. In this game, there was a virtual currency called Mojo. He had been asking for me to spend real money to buy some of this virtual currency and…

What an Identity Management guy learned from managing a world populated by tweens and teens…

“Lava and TNT is covering the entire spawn, dad! Can you fix it?”

I help my 12-year-old son run a Minecraft server for his friends, as well as random strangers (500+ at last count). Players point their Minecraft game at his server and work collaboratively (or so we hope) with others to build things, chat, and otherwise have fun.

In the span of two years, there’s been a lot of learning when it comes to managing a system where the bulk of the users have pre-teen or early teen levels of maturity.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Apparently on a server loaded with pre-teen users…

Clayton Donley

VP, Product Management for Oracle Identity and Access Management. Founder/CEO of OctetString (acquired by Oracle). Views are my own, not Oracle.

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