Sunday, August 12, 2018

Today we have two must listens on Nick Saban and George Raveling, investing titan Leon Cooperman, what goes into valuing a life and a deep dive into memory.

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  • Masters In Business: Leon Cooperman on Finding the Overlooked Investment. The first half of the episode covers Cooperman’s storied career, from the South Bronx to Goldman Sachs to opening his hedge fund, Omega Advisors. At 26:05, the conversation shifts to current events: where the market is now both domestically and globally, his investment philosophy going forward for his family office, taking the giving pledge and his philanthropy, and some of his investment ideas. [August 10, 2018–1 hour, 10 minutes] iTunes Podcast | Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link
  • Freakonomics Radio: Who Decides How Much A Life Is Worth? The guest, Kenneth Feinberg, worked on the litigation around Agent Orange in Vietnam, and as a result, became the go-to man to mediate settlements and value lives of humans after tragedies. The episode does a great job of exemplifying the push and pull of valuing a lost life based on both data and emotion. [August 8, 2018–38 minutes] iTunes Podcast | Spotify| Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link
  • Masters of Scale: Marissa Meyer- How to make the star employees you need. Reid starts with an overview of the episode: when you can’t find people to hire externally, you must develop them internally. They address how serendipity brought Marissa Meyer to Google in 1999. The conversation then transitions to her discussing her role as CEO of Yahoo and how she created a process (The CEO Challenge) to encourage all employees to remove inefficiencies. At 39:05, the conversation switches from a conversational style to an interview about the end of her time at Yahoo before the sale to Verizon. [August 7, 2018–47 minutes] iTunes Podcast | Spotify| Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link


  • ***Must Listen*** Origins with James Andrew Miller: Mind First; Body Second. This is Miller’s second episode on Saban this week and this is a must listen for everyone. It goes over how Saban runs the Alabama football program and his “process.” This is truly a must listen for anyone interested in leading a company, accomplishing their goals, or striving to be great. [August 10, 2018–44 minutes] iTunes Podcast | Spotify| Overcast
  • The Bill Simmons Podcast: New York Hoops, Food Trends, ESPN’s Future, and Nick Saban With Eddie Huang and Jim Miller. This is split into two interviews. The first half is with Eddie Huang, restauranteur and producer. Huang and Simmons talk NBA Summer League, the pain of being a Knicks fan, and his idea to open a restaurant in L.A. with Lance Stephenson. At 52:50, he’s joined by Jim Miller (host of the podcast mentioned above). They discuss ESPN and Disney’s move into streaming and how successful they think it will be. [August 10, 2018–1 hour, 38 minutes] iTunes Podcast | Spotify| Overcast | | SoundCloud | Stitcher | Website Link
  • The Woj Pod: ESPN’s Jay Bilas. I’d highly suggest listening from 2:20–5:55. Bilas and Woj talk about a few Charles Barkley stories, one of which is about Barkley attending a funeral for a fan who he met and spent time with, and later passed away. The rest of the episode is about the recent NCAA updates to rules. [August 10, 2018–46 minutes] iTunes Podcast | Spotify| Overcast | Stitcher

The Rest

  • ***Must Listen*** The Tim Ferris Show: #332: Coach George Raveling — A Legend on Sports, Business, and The Great Game of Life. I can’t overstate how great this episode is. Raveling has a long resume: college basketball player and coach turned Nike global sports marketing director and member of the Basketball Hall of Fame. The episode starts off with the amazing story of how he ended up with the original copy of MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech, then turns to his passion of books (57:10–1:32:00), college team that beat the 1992 Dream Team (1:35:30–1:40:00), and the role he played in helping Phil Knight convince Michael Jordan to sign with Nike (1:53:00–1:58:00). [August 9, 2018–2 hours, 17 minutes] iTunes Podcast | Spotify| Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link
  • Trend Following with Michael Covel: Ep. 683: Gabriel Radvansky Interview. Radvansky is a researcher at Notre Dame with a focus on memory, specifically with regards to comprehension and aging. Topics include why we forget something when we walk into another room, why emotions trigger more detailed memories, and where research on memory is now and where it needs to go. Radvansky recommends the book Searching For Memory: The Brain, The Mind, And The Past for a good read on the topic. [August 9, 2018–49 minutes] iTunes Podcast | Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link
  • The One Thing: Why Purpose is The ONE Thing To Build Great Teams | New York Times Best Selling Author Don Yaeger. Don discusses how Coach K (0:00–27:00) and Medtronic (29:45–32:45) both use stories to further illustrate their purpose to the players and employees. The rest of the episode is good, but I thought the first 33 minutes were great. [August 6, 2018–58 minutes] iTunes Podcast | Overcast | Stitcher | Website Link
  • HBR Ideacast: #642: Designing AI to Make Decisions. Very informative episode focusing on artificial intelligence with Kathryn Hume, VP of They discuss the ideal tasks AI can be used for (such as Amazon suggesting books), and limitations to AI and algorithms (like the inability to account for emotional intelligence). They finish the episode discussing the possible future impact on certain professions, such as reporters and medicine. [August 10, 2018–27 minutes] iTunes Podcast | Spotify| Overcast | SoundCloud | Stitcher | Website Link