A Blissful Experience To Share About The Chief Digital Officer Summit

Advertising is really hard to perform, especially at the current and professional events. Recently Chief Digital Officer Forum was held in London. It was an enjoyable experience by anyone to attend. It is just one of the best interests to paint by anyone at company’s events in a positive light.

About CDO Summit that took place earlier- The Venue

The event was held in the Park Plaza Victoria hotel. This hotel situates in the heart of London and that is incredibly easy to get to. It is almost a 5 minute walk from Victoria tube station. That Hotel is considered as the loveliest as far as the guests are concerned. The events room was quite spacious that has the adequate Wi-Fi connections. This is considered as the nicest thing you are going to get at the venue of CDO summit and the staff helpful.
CDO Summit Speakers at the event took place at London

• Patrick Jubb — Re-building the Marketing Department to be fit for the Future

• Robert Wint — Consuming Content to Increase the Customer Journey

• Ana Serrano — Digital Transformation &Constant Innovation. These are the two paths to Success of CDO

• Martin Trickey — Do we Tell Stories Differently

• Kerensa Samanidis — Breaking in to the online video market

• Amanda Neylon — speak about the importance of Focusing on Social Strategy

• Mark Elkins — From Passion to Purchase

The Themes

1. Meeting the customers where they live and what they exactly want.

2. Getting purchases in and from management/stakeholders towards social and digital media

3. Keep challenging, keep learning and Keep creating new visions and ideas

What is the most interesting factor at the CDO summit is the range of companies. If you look at the range of establishments epitomized by the CAO speakers, it would be inflexible to find more varied areas of concern.
As per the leading companies taking part, the summits are really very prosperous and giving projections to organize more. The event planners are enthusiastic to plan more conferences that bring the chief marketing officers from leading establishments together where partaking in the digital experiences is blissful.

Anyone would leave with a new level of respect from the summits for what Seminar Organizers and Creative head have done during these events in order to certify everything runs as it should. To enjoy the blissful experience by your own registration is vital.

For more information about Chief Marketing Technologist please visit website at: Cdosummit.co.uk

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