CDO Summit UK- helps to strengthen professional network of CDOs

Basically, the CDO summits are organized in UK to address challenges and opportunities coming up from big data, the cloud and digital disruption, social and mobile media. Some of the best digital strategists and practitioners make their presence felt at the summits.

Such inspirational events are held in intimate, collegial and supportive environments which encourage networking, learning and knowledge-sharing. However, if you are tasked with mastering the strategies and tactics to achieve and surpass digital business objectives, you must secure your seat at the summit.

As far as CDO Club is concerned, it is the largest and most powerful community of C-suite digital leaders. With this club, around 1000+ members receive access to breaking news, original research, career development support, networking opportunities and inspirational events.

To aid CDOs in grooming their capabilities, strengthening professional networks and openly share insights and strategies, high impact services are specifically designed. Moreover, they collaboratively identify the tools essential to help them succeed in navigating today’s rapidly evolving, highly competitive and complicated digital arena.

Whether you want to enquire about the job opportunities for chief information officer or retrieve any details regarding president of digital, you must visit web portals containing information about the same. It’s always advisable to explore the portals providing original research and forecasts on CDOs. Many websites hold collection of recent reports and articles compiled over few months which shows wide-spread agreement among analyst and industry pundits in regard of increased global demand for chief digital officers and the role’s continued viability.

David Mathison- the founder of CDO Club has taken it to the next level and keynoted on the upward career trajectory of CDO during his presentation at the NYC Summit. Following this, summits are to be held in NYC, Toronto, London and Amsterdam.

According to statistics of CDO Club in 2014, there were an estimated 1000 chief digital officers and thousands of data scientists at companies’ all across the globe- doubling the numbers since 2013. In fact, the new titles are only the beginning in a massive shift to accommodate the influx of big data. As per the changing roles throughout the digital industry, with the introduction of social media platforms, the big data industry is creating new roles for legacy brands and start ups. It has been assumed that the data experts will be a scarce and a valuable commodity in the coming future. So, confirm your seats at the summit today!

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