Not So Happy Holidays

The Holidays are back folks, you know what that means! Family gatherings filled with fun, food, and family, right?… not quite. Well don’t get me wrong the holidays are a great time of year if your family is normal and boring, but for my family it’s frantic, feverish, and frenzied. I’m sure many people during the holiday season can relate with my family’s foolish behavior.

I’m an enthusiast of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all of the other winter holidays in between, but this year my family and I are a bundle of “bah humbugs” with a big red bow on top. I mean it’s already almost a week into December, and my family hasn’t even put up any Christmas decorations yet. We’re pretty late considering the day after Halloween the shopping malls and stores in my area already had their whole Christmas Wonderland set up and ready to shove Santa along with his Christmas spirit and maybe a few elves down your windpipe. They were oozing with Christmas spirit even before turkey day, how nauseating.

This is my 17th Christmas season on this planet, and I’m finally starting to realize how people feel towards the holiday. I’ll break it down for you how I view the Holiday SZN beginning with Thanksgiving. So the day begins with you waking up from your deep slumber, dreaming about that deep fried eighteen pounder cooking in the garage. Soon enough all the comfort food is ready to be consumed, so you plop yourself down in the chair closest to your favorite side dishes, but your spot still has a good view of the TV. Twenty minutes of vigorous chowing down passes then you find yourself to be in a food-induced coma, so then you sluggishly move your stuffed turkey resembling body down onto the sectional for a quick rest. The “quick” rest ends up being four hours long.

After the re-energizing nap, the human brain is rewired somehow and the only thing in going through our minds is: RETAIL, RETAIL, RETAIL! After about 8 pm on Thanksgiving, there is no going back. The entire nation becomes brainwashed and shopping is the only thing on their mind. I’m convinced that the turkey distributors during Thanksgiving inject the turkeys with a solution that makes every American a crazed shopaholic for about a month. People put so much stress on themselves trying to buy the perfect Christmas gift for every single person who impacts their life spanning from friends and family to even the mailman and their local supermarket cashier.

If you think the holiday season is supposed to be the happiest time of the year because you’re surrounded with family and friends, well you’ve been fooled. I believe that’s why so many people become consumed with buying, shopping, and gift-giving to take their mind off their wintertime sadness. I mean that makes a lot of sense to me. Since some people are unhappy, they try to find the perfect gifts for others in order to make them happy. Plus if you live in gloomy Ohio, there’s no sun meaning there’s no source of vitamin D resulting in overall unhappier people during the wintertime.

Most of the time when families are together, they argue, a lot. It’s physically and mentally draining arguing with the people you love during the “happiest” time of the year. Sometimes these arguments can get so intense, this time of year can actually drive families apart rather than bring them together.

Thankfully I haven’t lost any family members yet, but other people have lost and grieved over deceased family members. It’s heartbreaking to watch other people not being able to spend time and create memories with their loved ones especially during the holiday season.

Just hang in there people! Although the Holidays just begun, spring will be here before we know it along with the dreadful allergies it brings with it. So try to enjoy your loved ones civil and mannerly attitudes while supplies last!

If life is getting a little too hectic for you, follow this life saving recipe:

1. Cuddle up next to a puppy, it doesn't have to be yours just find any puppy.

2. Make yourself a tea pot of your favorite tea leaves whether it is Earl Grey, Plantation Mint, or if you’re boring go with good ol’ Green Tea.

3. Take that puppy and your cup of tea and plop yourself down in front of the TV to enjoy Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas Special.

4. Just keep on keepin’ on and soon enough your Wintertime blues will be through!

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