Icelandic Tundra from a trip in 2015

Nature might be calling you

Life is full of beautiful little things we often neglect due to our own busy lives. We become controlled by our own schedules, controlled by our habits like social media. How often have you been able to take an idle second and not pick up your phone and browse Instagram or Facebook.

I certainly can’t.

Thoreau aptly called it when writing “Walden” as he said,

Men have become the tools of their own tools.
— H. D. Thoreau

As much as I don’t want to admit it, I feel rooted to media. Yet I find myself wondering if this might be the year that a concerted effort is to be made and find new habits for those “chilling out” times of idleness.

So part of this years goals will be to unhinge myself from the mother breast of entertainment and create something rather than consuming it. So for the first week (and I’d like to continue this at least on a weekly basis), I’ve just written a little piece of music inspired by a simple element of nature.


The melancholy nature of rain captures a still sadness that isn’t thrust in woe. Rather it handles the calm, and introspective thoughts of the world. Sit back and relax as you find the story of a rainstorm and its transitions from a rainy evening to dusk.

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