Blueprint of a Glorious Punjab

One of the prime reason that Sikhs in Punjab are suffering today is because they lack genuine leaders. Not a leader like Parkash Singh Badal or Jathedar of Akal Takht Sahib. But an honest statesman who can lead Punjab & Sikhs in a manner that Guru’s themselves led. Or like Maharaja Ranjit Singh lead. Or Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa & so on…

Sikhs have been going through constant crisis since 1600’s. After the martyrdom of Guru Arjan, sikhs unified under his son Guru Hargobind & became a strong force. Similarly after the martyrdom of Guru Teg Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh gave birth to the Khalsa Army & turned the ordinary sikhs into the most daredevil warriors of the world.

Today, Sikhs in Punjab are in grave danger. Sikh youth is mired with drugs. And the Sikh Kaum itself is headless because of a lack of a genuine & strong leader who can lead the Sikh Panth in the wake of the crisis.


I propose a simple yet permanent solution to this problem. Let us establish an institute with a sole purpose of creating leaders to serve Punjab. A leadership institute — Leadership Institute in Service of Punjab — LISP


LISP takes in Sikh youth — of the minimum age 22 & a maximum age 35 — who have earned at least an undergraduate degree. These Sikh youth are Sabat Surat — have hunger & desire to serve & transform Punjab. The admission criterion is very strict. There are multiple rounds of interviews & written essays. The admission committee determines if the applicant has a true hunger & concern for the betterment of Punjab.


LISP — a course of 3–5 years. LISP students undergo rigorous courses in Public policy, service, Sikh history, Music, Martial Arts, Branding, Marketing, Technology, Agriculture. They undergo the similar kind of training that Guru Hargobind Sahib & Guru Gobind Singh gave their Sikhs at that time — but, training molded to fit 21st century needs.

At the end of this 3–5 year course, LISP produces Sikh men that are ready to battle & take on any public crisis, politics, civil service, Religious leadership — any role they seem fitting & aligns to the need of the hour. These Sikh men are high in character, ethics, leadership. Their sole purpose is to serve Punjab & bring back the glory of Punjab, that it once was.

LISP — What does it take to build one ?

Funding — It will take a few million dollars to create this & keep it running. I am sure that Sikh Panth has no shortage of money.

Visionaries — We will need visionary people to teach & create a generation of leaders. We will need visionaries who have done immense work in their fields — policy, public infrastructure, gurmat, music, spirituality.

The challenge as I see it is, how to “place” LISP alumni’s into Punjab. How do they go out & immediately make themselves effective. Do they write Punjab Civil Services exams while they are in the course ? They can start charities & establish non profit organizations in their respective areas. They can start the ground work while being on the inside.

In the end

Yes, this proposal needs to be well thought. Yes, this proposal is incomplete & has flaws. But instead of shooting it down, if it fires up your imagination to see a glorious Punjab, write to me & let’s talk.

— — In hope of a glorious Punjab