“Teaching Haskell in K-12” Dinner at ICFP

Dear Haskellers: You are cordially invited to a dinner discussion on “Teaching Haskell in K-12” at ICFP in St. Louis.

Middle school students learning Haskell with CodeWorld

This meeting is for anyone around the world with an interest in teaching Haskell and related languages at the K-12 (that is, pre-university) level. We will hope to find a critical mass of people to build a connected and supportive community. In this community, we can share experiences and resources, ask for and receive help, and encourage each other as we strive to bring functional programming to a new generation.

Personally, I’ve been working for six years on using Haskell to build algebraic thinking skills in middle school students. I am not alone. Emmanuel Schanzer and many others have explored the same approach with Bootstrap. Christopher Anand and colleagues have done the same with Elm at McMaster University as early as 4th grade, and the Gordon Cain Center at Louisiana State University has trained teachers using CodeWorld for a 9th grade computational thinking class for hundreds of students. Just as importantly, the Haskell community is built of thousands of individuals who have something unique contribute to your own communities and children.

You’re invited to come discuss our common goals, how we can organize and teach, which tools and libraries we find helpful, what technology is missing that could help the effort move forward, and even how to scale our efforts to reach as many children as possible around the world.

Let’s meet for dinner about 7:00 pm on Monday the 24th. Please RSVP here. I hope to see you there!