College is where the boy you are meets the man you’ll become; however, the sad truth is this is only for some. College expenses are one of the rimer reasons most turn down college. The simple fact is college is way too expense. Take it from someone such as myself who is now paying out-of-state fees to attend the University of Akron in Ohio because I am from Pennsylvania. The difference in costs is approxiamtely $8,766 PER semester.

I STRONGLY believe college is way too expensive. If not for student loans with my father as the co-signer, I in fact I know I would not be able to recieve a college education. My freshman year alone has costed $30,000 for resident halls, tuition, and other bull shit fees. WHY? If I do not change my residency to Ohio, I will continue to pay $30,000+/year for 4 years. It completely sucks. The tuition rates for young adults is absolutely ridiculous. Most of the students start college soon after graduating High School. Most students are not financially stable at 18, 19, or 20. It changes a lot of people’s opinion when they see the huge bill that follows that most of my graduating class has either dropped out or simply did not go. Of the 122 people I graduated with, 29 are still enrolled in college. It’s sad.

The government is aware of the issue; however, there has been little reform for students who are in a financial predicament. With this being an election year, one politican has seem to voice his opinion as well as mine on student higher education: Bernie Sanders, a democrat. As a republican, I tend to stay away from Democratic views; however, I am tempted to vote for Bernie if what he says stays true.

College is simply not affordable for everyone. Everyone deserves the right to receive an education that could better themselves in the long run. Huge $$$ is not what we need; we need reform to protect our own to better our families and Americans.

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