Hello everyone, people generally ask me, what do you do to stay fit. Though i go to gym everyday and run for around 1 hour, still there are times when i stop doing all the physical workouts and still lose weight. How? 
 Well i went through a lot of diet plans on the internet, followed them all, one by one, and ultimately settled on my own.
 Now if you want to start this diet, there are a few thing you should know about this diet:

  • I am not taking into account the different nutrients ( how much carbs or protein or fat I am consuming ) and this diet has come up as a result of my tests and trials.
  • This diet is well under your 1500 calorie intake.
  • This definitely keeps you full throughout the day.

UPDATE: I got a lot of messages doubting my weight loss journey, so here is something to prove it, I hope it clears things:

more on this here

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