Clayton Wood
Oct 1 · 2 min read

Hello Picnic

Today, after nearly 3 years of operating in stealth, we are publicly launching our breakthrough food tech product with our new name, Picnic. The name Picnic reflects the ethos of “Food Made Easy”. We are committed to helping food service professionals cope with the challenge of preparing consistent, high quality dishes for their customers in an environment of shifting and ever-rising expectations.

Picnic offers intelligent food assembly automation that can produce high volume, completely customized food with total consistency, quality, and chef-chosen ingredients and recipes. Our initial offering is focused on pizza, because it’s not only one of the most popular foods worldwide, making it right means using great ingredients and getting the proportions right — every time. Every pizza operator knows the challenge of making lots of pizzas in a hurry, with every order requiring a different combination of ingredients. Only the most experienced pizza prep staff can do that job fast and well, but unfortunately with 150% average turnover, it’s more likely an untrained or lightly trained worker trying to keep up. The result frequently is too much cheese (the most expensive topping), wrong proportions, and perhaps even some food on the floor. Customers in a branded restaurant expect the same product every time and won’t return if the pizza is inconsistent or poor quality.

Our pizza production system can produce up to 300 12” pizzas per hour (180/hr @ 18”). Each pizza is fully customized for toppings and size and every order is tracked in our operating system, Roma. The system takes a pre-sheeted dough as input, and with a single button order, will assemble the pizza to order in about 1 minute. With a backlog of orders, pizzas can be produced every 10–20 seconds. This high-velocity mass customization is available in a small footprint system that can be easily installed in any commercial kitchen (or food truck) with no remodel or build out required. Since the system can be acquired using our robotics-as-a-service plan, there’s no upfront cost for the operator and easy payments that are at or below the realized savings. Easy.

There’s a lot more to tell as we go along, but thanks for joining us on this journey to transform pizza preparation. Please reach out with questions or comments — we’re listening at

Clayton Wood

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CEO at Picnic, @picnicnews, Food Made Easy