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Coding Analogy

A Little More in Depth

  • The way we tell computers what to do is through binary code. Binary code is made up of 1’s and 0’s in different combinations. These combinations represent different instructions for a computer.
  • Because there are millions or even billions of combinations, Programming Languages were developed. Programming Languages allow us to write code (using words, symbols, or blocks), instead of writing out all of the 1’s and 0’s. Each Programming Language has its own rules and a program that translates our code into binary code for a computer to understand.
  • Different Programming Languages work better for different things: web development, apps, desktop software, etc.
  • Even with Programming Languages that make it easier to write code than writing out each binary combination, problems still arise, and coders must use their logic and analytical skills to solve these problems.




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Chaitanya Waghaye

Chaitanya Waghaye

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