© Celia Moase

How to not miss out on life’s potential

At sunset

When the sun is setting, and the air is warm

You are at a beach.

Sitting on a blanket, feet in the sand

The water looks so inviting.

I don’t think I’ll swim, they say.

You go.

I know how nice it will feel - in that water - but

I want them to know.

Come on, I say. There’s so much potential inside

That water.

Hmm…the water isn’t too cold actually,

They said.

Let me change into my swim trunks.

We’ll join you.

* * *

it is an experience like no other, touching the water with your fingertips

looking down to your feet, and seeing the water’s floor

as you wade into the water, your eyes become level with its surface

the light dances over the water ripples

to show you it’s smooth, pure and innocent body

you let it take you, over and under

into warm pockets, into cold pockets

inhaling, exhaling and holding your breath

you kick your feet and move your arms to bring you further from the shore

you notice how the lack of a current makes you feel invincible

you can’t help but laugh because, there’s nothing like it

you all find a large rock, just underneath the surface

from the beach, it surely looks as though you are standing on the water

you jump off, you dive, you use the rock as a dock to rest

it feels amazing

you knew it would

* * *

Thanks for making us come out.

I’m so glad you did.

That was incredible, the water is so beautiful.

Yes. It is.

Especially at sunset.