Happiness Meter for Everyone

A failed experiment but fun nonetheless.

Our current Scrum process is ok. However, I noticed 2 things,

(1) We often forget what each and everyone’s Scrum updates are, especially the blockers, and

(2) We’re very prone to skipping the ‘How do I feel today?’ part.

In effect, we forget to follow through. We forget to check what happened to the blockers. We forget to check if everyone’s still ok.

But it’s never too late. In fact, We’ll start to take notes now.

How? A form.

We’ll Open a form, Type in our answer, and Send it.

Note. To make sure that this isn’t an added work, we’re not required to send it during or right after Scrum. Anytime within the day is ok. Also, if we’re too shy to say how we feel, we have the freedom to make our answer anonymous.

What question do we answer? On a scale of 1–4, How did you feel about your work today?

(1) Complete waste of time.

(2) Could have done better.

(3) Good. I should do more of this.

(4) Great!!! Enough Said.

Optional / Nice-to-haves. Write down why did you feel that way or what are the specific task/s that made you feel that way.


  • It feels like this activity is something that I can easily forget.

Don’t you worry, another member of the team will be accountable to remind you everyday.

  • What do we do about this data?

We’ll collect them and at the end of the sprint / month, we’ll have a retrospective. We’ll gather around or have a team lunch / dinner to discuss ‘what did we do best?’ or ‘how can we be better?’

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