Art Installation, MIT Media Lab, December 2017

Is anybody there?

I often have a hard time believing that people talking to each other on the street, in a Cafe, on the subway, are real — that they are having an actual conversation in flesh and blood — my mind immediately goes to my baseline belief that everyone is play-acting a pre-rehearsed script in which I am the punch-line.

Intransigence of the past

We often think that time is on technology’s side, that it is a matter of time before all that belongs to the past will be erased, improved, optimized, and taken over by a new medium. By doing this we, again and again, underestimate the resilience of tradition and how much technology relies on it for support.

Life is solved

It is refreshing to see how what we arrogantly regard as the depth of the human soul will soon be emulated by a series of more of less complex computing loops.