They’re another misplaced space in the fabric of man speak
Another eternity of the same old shit over and over again
For someone half as smart as they could be 
They could be much more than your imagination
Even though they exist in only a thinking fragment
The invasion has begun
Run for the hills
Taking over the planet in style 
Keeping their clean suits cleaner than clean can be
Driving in cars you could only dream of touching
Eating at restaurants that require a tie and money to enter
The fascination with obsessive gain in wealth and popularity
Only the best of the best can be the best
They pay someone to beat people
The invasion has begun
Run for the hills
Keeping us in line
In line for the welfare checks we work so hard for
In line for the social security we die for
In line for the bargain bleach with the double save coupon
In line for the fucking meat grinder
Hiding their secrets
Through conspiracies thicker than blood
Landings by outsiders in the middle of the desert
Atom smashing machines buried deep in the ground 
Men with dark sunglasses telling you to move on
Starting wars with countries the size of a nickel
Just so the world bullies can keep their rep
Time to hire a new PR manager
The invasion began
As soon as you were born
Run for the hills
And they’ll track your ass down
And pay someone to kill you.

Excerpt from God Hates Sinners: Volume 1 available on