Journey Entry #4

Charybdis (Don’t ask how)

This morning I was sitting in my cave waiting when all of a sudden a ship came through. I was pretty happy because I hadn’t eaten in forever. I love to eat these tiny animals. They taste so good that I can never have enough. When they had got about half way through, the Scylla started to eat my food. First he killed the ones at the top with my tentacles. Then I started to try and rip the ship in half. There was a man at the top that looked like he was in charge so he tried to attack him. The other people started to protect him with their lives. I was starting to get upset the scylla was stealing all of my food. When they got out I only had one way to get them. I started to create a whirlpool with my mouth. What I do is suck in the water and then the ships fall down into my mouth. I don’t like doing this because I like to savor my food but I would rather eat them then not. I started to suck the ship down with the water. A few of them escaped through the mountain next to the ship. For the most part I got to eat almost all of them. It’s very annoying when some of them get away because then I can’t get as much food. I don’t know why everyone hates me I just want to eat.