Powered by Freedom

Freedom. Some of us need it as much as water itself — or we will slowly fade as a dying plant.

Freedom lovers can be so extreme that we would rather live in a van than feel lifeless half a day at a meaningless job we hate.

I love my car so much that the thought of living in it doesn’t scare me at all. I’ve been my own boss for 8 years, I’ve lived in 3 countries and I’m still learning how to speak English.

We would rather live in the unknown than feel lifeless.

It’s hard for others to understand. We just have a different outlook on life.

We would rather live a short life 80% excited than a long life 20% excited — because life is short, and we don’t want to take ‘I wish I have’s’ with us in the grave.
Where most people fear death, we fear a lifeless life.

Time/Life & Experiences is worth more than Money for a freedom lover.

Money can’t buy what is most important to us. So we work and make money to the extend that it gives us freedom and joy — and do whatever makes us happy the rest of the day.

But there is a cost we need to be aware of as a freedom lover.

  • Are you sacrificing long-term freedom to gain short-term freedom?

Freedom isn’t just freedom. It’s about excitement, newness and possibilities.

Short-term freedom may give you more instant excitement and newness, but long-term freedom gives you more possibilities (and newness + excitement later).

The reason why you’re choosing freedom is to feel happy. So choose wisely.

Would it give you more joy/freedom to eat what you want, or to have the body you want?


  • I can do whatever I want to do in the moment.
  • I can eat what I want.
  • I can wake up when I want to, and go to bed when I want.
  • Buy what my bank account or credit card allows in the moment, instead of automatically saving for the future and living within means.


  • I have money saved so I always feel safe.
  • I don’t eat crap food because having a body I love feels so much better.
  • I live within my means.
  • I wait with getting that thing I really want until I get a better deal.
  • I only get that thing I really want if it’s an asset that will actually improve the quality of my life long term.
  • Saving up money for an asset to buy later. Example: A friend of mine who’s LOVING living in his van while saving money for his first house, which he’s rent out and continue to live in his van (because he loves the free lifestyle it gives him, and feels confined in a house).
  • Saving for retirement so you won’t have to work when you’re 70 (unless you reeeally want to).
  • At 21 I spent all weekends on teaching myself how to have an online business (long-term freedom), where friends my age were partying and getting drunk (short-term freedom). I thank myself every day now for that choice (I’ve heard several say they wish they lived my life).

This is the trade freedom lovers must start to become aware of if they want to truly thrive freely.

Is your love of freedom so strong that it is eating away your long-term freedom?

Freedom isn’t just freedom. There’s short-term and long-term freedom. Have some of both- but don’t just indulge in short term freedom. It won’t give you lasting happiness.

You’re a human being, so you also have a need for safety and security. Give that to yourself, however that looks like.

Make sure your freedom needs aren’t based on past traumas of times in your life you felt trapped. Make sure you’re choosing something because it FEELS GOOD, not because you want to avoid something else (’cause then you’ll just manifest what you want to avoid).

I’m off to do my daily run — which is an investment in my long-term freedom and joy. But it does require getting past the first 3 minute “I don’t want to” resistance.

I wish you a magical, happy & free life!

Lana Bos // Lanabos.com // @lanabos