Night Frights

Some may fear the monsters

And ghosts who come by night.

With jagged horns or oozing slime,

They are ghastly in our sight.

When sleep befalls your heavy eyes,

What phantoms do you fear?

Are witches grasping for your eyes,

Or do shrieks assault your ears?

That which haunts my nightmares

Doesn’t stalk with claws or teeth.

No hellion waits behind my bed,

Nor do ogres lurk beneath.

I’m lost and cannot find my way,

Or I am far behind.

Sometimes I’m back at school again

While fear gnaws at my mind.

I cannot find the classroom,

I never cracked the books.

The project sits neglected,

The vision never took.

I will not write that paper,

The final I’ll not pass,

And I am tossed like refuse,

In the swamp beyond the grass.

The audience is waiting,

My bosses tap their toes,

And I am in the spotlight,

Alas, without my clothes.

I hear the people whispering,

I see them point and laugh,

While I am madly scrambling

To rectify my gaffe.

“We thought you were so good

That you would have us awed,

But all we see before us

Is a sham and worthless fraud.”

At long last comes the morning;

The clouds are swept away.

The nightmares have departed — -

A new and unspoiled day.

The mockers have departed,

No detractors left behind,

But crumbs of doubts still linger

In the corners of my mind.

Am I the loyal soldier

That demons love to hate,

Or instead the cowering fake

That they insinuate?

© Cecelia Y. Granger