“Own it.”

Advice for My Daughter

Recently my daughter and I were at Macy’s replenishing my skin care products and Ava tells me she wants to look like this model.

Admittedly distracted, I say sure, then remember my manners and ask the makeup artist. She also says sure, gives Ava a brush. Below you’ll see the result. Ava asked to have her picture taken next to her makeup muse.

On the way out, she saw a few people do a double take, and told me she was embarrassed and wanted to hide under my shirt. I took her to a mirror, “Do *you* like it?” She said, “I really do. I think I look cool.”

“Then own it,” I tell her.

As we got in the car I thought to myself, I gotta remember these feeling of empowerment and non-judgement when she wants to do this in another 10 years….

Ava As Model