3 New Things

Its amazing how babies just change. They change so fast that you can simply miss it if you don’t document it! I’m almost permanently attached to my iPhone for this very reason. It’s sort of a bad habit to some, I suppose. But it’s also essential to being able to recall the very little details my brain will forget almost as fast as these changes take place!

This series will be dedicated to remembering in words (and photos) three new things that Rowan has started doing! I’ll continue to do this as often as three new things begin! I hope that makes sense!

  1. Sitting or stepping on everything.

I’m pretty certain a this new thing can be derived from one of two trains of thought in Rowan brain! The first is simple, does he think he can ride everything? The second is more complex. Is he trying to show ownership and/or dominion over all things below his butt? Because I tend to over think many thoughts within my own brain, the second one registers as right to me. So until this new thing develops into a less new thing, we shall just stick to reason two.

Future acrobat? Possibly.

2. Watching Winnie the Pooh from start to finish.

Taking into account the television viewing guidelines for the under two age group according to the AAP, this is not something I’m proud of. Rowan watches his fair share of too much television. However, with a snarky sort of pleasure I announce that most things do not hold his attention for more than a minute or two tops! I’m lucky right? My baby is seemingly immune to television. #NOPES! Rowan has taken quite the liking to Winnie the Pooh. Which, if I’m really being honest, I'm actually quite taken with the fact that he enjoys that silly ol’ bear as much as I did when I was a child. Reminder that he might indeed be my kid after all. *wink* He gets so engrossed in the film that he will literally watch it from start to finish! It’s quite amazing actually considering the above statement about his attention span being basically shorter than his silly pinky toe.

*close up of silly pinky for reference.*

3. Square Face

You’re most definitely wondering what that is and I would be so obliged to show you. Rowan has four teeth on top and on bottom and sometimes when he pulls those little lips back in just the right way his mouth forms what looks like a square shapeish thing. It can be a happy square face:

but mostly it’s a “I’m not to pleased with ______” square face:

Did you see it? Okay maybe it’s more rectangular in shape, but what sounds better? Rectangle face or square face? Yeah I thought so smart alick.

Okay! And so, those are three new things! That was fun, right?


Cecelia Rose