Up to this point, we’ve described the Foundation and its technology, identified the industries we are are targeting, and talked about how the Cecil Alliance Platform will take shape. For those who have followed this series, you now have a strong understanding of how Cecil Alliance plans to accomplish its goals. Still, no worthwhile cryptocurrency project would be complete without a strong token at its core, so in this edition of Discover Cecil Alliance, we will cover some key aspects of how digital tokens will power the Cecil Alliance Platform.

The CECIL Token

The CECIL token is an integral part…

In the previous Discover Cecil articles, we looked at the structure of the foundation, as well as the proposed industries and technologies Cecil Alliance planned to integrate with. In this article we get our first look at the actual platform. This is a simplification of the actual platform, for more details, please await the release of our Project Manifesto and technical documentation.

Plenty of projects can target an industry and organize a foundation around it. However, we believe that the technical strengths of the Cecil Alliance Platform (CAP) are what separates us from the rest. …

A Great Addition of IT Professionals to the Cecil Core Development Team

We are proud to announce that Cecil Alliance has formed a strategic partnership with Requestum to deliver the best possible IT development for the years to come. Together we are developing the core infrastructure of the Cecil Alliance Platform (CAP), including the Animal Data Asset (ADA) Plug & Play Solutions as a strong foundation for the Internet of Animals. These solutions can be directly adopted as a solution, white labelled to products, or leveraged to build new solutions and/or products. …

With the release of the Cecil Alliance Foundation’s Project Manifesto right around the corner, we decided to take a quick look at some of our project’s core principles and operating strategies. In Part 2, we are breaking down the foundation and core technologies powering its solutions.

What is the Cecil Alliance Foundation?

The Cecil Alliance Foundation (CAF) was founded to build a global platform for the tagging, tracking, and transacting of animals and animal data. To do this, the CAF uses public blockchains, IoT, and private database technologies. Our core philosophy is that knowledge is opportunity, and that every animal…

With the Cecil Alliance whitepaper and website launch right around the corner, we decided to take a quick look at some of our project’s core principles. In Part 1, we are diving into many of the issues that plague data handling in animal-based industries.

Cecil Alliance is building the Internet of Animals. We are focused on accumulating an unprecedented collection of animal data so that its value can be fully recognized and utilized. To accomplish that, there are many challenges within the various animal industries that must be solved. …

On May 20th, we launched a survey to find out what our community thinks about Animal Sponsorships. The aim of the survey was to get a feel for how popular this topic is and get some additional feedback or opinions. A total of 196 people took part in the survey, to which we are very thankful.

The results will be presented to existing and future partners of the Cecil Alliance Foundation in order to convince them of the importance of this specific project. We would also like to be transparent to you as a community and share the results.


The Grand Vision at the Heart of Cecil Alliance

There’s probably one big question on your mind when it comes to Cecil — where have we been? And it’s a good one. Much has happened since we first announced our pivot from an equine solution to one catering all animals. The pivot opened up a huge business opportunity for us but also necessitated a long period of restructuring and engagement with stakeholders all over the world. This process is still ongoing and includes governments, key decision-makers and governing bodies. For us, blockchain devotees blockchain adoption is a given and we’re comfortable with it. …

A warm welcome to our new team members!

Cecil Alliance is slowly expanding its team to include new team members around the globe. We wanted to give the community an update on our newest team members, all aces in their respective fields. Give them a warm welcome!

CFO: Kevin Talbot

Kevin Talbot is a French citizen born in Korea. Before working at a Crypto Hedge fund as a Portfolio Manager, he worked in Investment Banks as Structurer and Derivatives Trader in London (Credit Suisse, Nomura) and as Corporate Treasurer in Paris (Saint Gobain, L’Oreal, ArcelorMittal). Kevin is a Graduate London Business School (MsC Finance) and a CFA Charterholder.

Blockchain and Hardware Technologies for the Welfare of All Animals

The team at MustangChain is proud to announce the creation of Cecil Alliance; an overarching foundation with an horizontal business structure and with the MustangChain company being one of the verticals in this approach.

Cecil Alliance is named after Cecil the lion who lived peacefully in the Hwange National Park in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe. He was a major attraction to the park itself. Visitors would fly to Zimbabwe just to observe the lion in his natural habitat. They would marvel at his grandeur and elegance. This all ended when on July 1th 2015, the American dentist Walter Palmer paid $50,000…

Cecil Alliance Foundation

No Animal Left Behind

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