Cecil Alliance Partners with Requestum to Boost the Development of the Internet of Animals

Cecil Alliance Foundation
3 min readAug 29, 2019

A Great Addition of IT Professionals to the Cecil Core Development Team

We are proud to announce that Cecil Alliance has formed a strategic partnership with Requestum to deliver the best possible IT development for the years to come. Together we are developing the core infrastructure of the Cecil Alliance Platform (CAP), including the Animal Data Asset (ADA) Plug & Play Solutions as a strong foundation for the Internet of Animals. These solutions can be directly adopted as a solution, white labelled to products, or leveraged to build new solutions and/or products. The solutions are built to boost the potential development of new use cases by third parties.

A little teaser: The first official product launches at the end of this year for the equine industry, consisting of tailored dApps for equine owners, veterinarians, and studbooks! The CAP and Cecil ADA Plug & Play Solutions release will follow a few months later. Are you ready to join, create, and distribute applications solving real-world problems?


Requestum is based in Kharkiv in Ukraine and Cecil Alliance will be sharing an office beginning at the official launch of the first product. More specifically, a few business developers of Cecil Alliance will be based in Kharkiv offices to translate the needs between the market and IT. Since a few months ago, and the coming years, a fixed team of at least 12 developers is working full-time on developing the Internet of Animals. Find the newcomers and the rest of the Cecil Core Development Team on our website!

For more information on Requestum check out their website, Requestum.com, or their LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/requestum/

Dmitry Butyrin, CEO Requestum:

When I heard about the ambitious plans behind the Internet of Animals and the idea to build it around the animal data assets, I directly saw the potential on both short as long-term. After I gathered everyone in the offices to present them about this opportunity, the majority of our 120 developers were fighting to get chosen to work on the Cecil Alliance Platform. We chose the 12 best experienced and highly talented developers and are confident that the product launch will disrupt both the blockchain space as animal-based industries”.

Danny van de Griend, CEO Cecil Alliance:

Even though I know Dmitry for some years now, he was the first person outside Cecil Alliance who couldn’t stop talking about the IoA, its potential, and more importantly how to make it reality. We are happy to share an office with many facilities and amazing developers. I look forward to the upcoming years together with Requestum and of course the first product to be released this year.

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