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The year 2017 was great for me. A lot has happened that I’m very grateful for in 2017. As always, a person has ups and downs during the year, but it is important to focus on the ups to set the new year on a positive tone.

The biggest change and best change in 2017 for me was the birth of my third child in February 2017. That caused the house to become very busy with three children around. …

ElasticSearch and Kibana are two great products to use in your solution. They provide various values to a solution. If you don’t know ElasticSearch and Kibana then I recommend you read more about these technologies or follow me to get more insight on them.

Open a command prompt and run the following commands:

mkdir aspnet.kibana
cd aspnet.kibana

In the command line create a new ASP.Net Core web application.

dotnet new mvc

The following additional packages are needed to log information to ElasticSearch using Serilog.

dotnet add package Serilog -v 2.5.0

Figure 1 — Renewing SharePoint Add-ins client secret article mind map.


When you create a provider add-in you need to create a client ID and client secret in SharePoint. In SharePoint, you will access the page appregnew.aspx in a site.

By default, the client secret that is generated for you is valid for one year only. The client secret must be renewed otherwise the application will stop working. I will describe the steps required to renew the client secret and make the client secret valid for three years.


To create a new client secret, you must delete the old keys before generating a new client secret. The best approach is…

Have you ever heard of TOGAF and never really understood it? In my TOGAF 9.1 series of articles, I will give you summary points what TOGAF is and what you will learn in TOGAF.

I have written the TOGAF exam a while back. I thought that writing this series will let me review the TOGAF content and believe that it would be valuable to others. It is always a good practice to regularly review the contents of a topic that you have learned.

I’m not going to rewrite the official TOGAF books content in my article series. Some sections will…

This article was originally published on my old blog.

Protecting and securing your business information is critical to your business survival and this article shows you how to do that in Office 365. What do you do to protect your organization from leaking or exposing private personal information and complying with governments’ laws?

Most people don’t have an answer or rely on an external audit company to ensure the organization complies with applicable laws, but they have no visibility on what and how information is shared across the organization.

Microsoft Office 365 platform provides security, compliance, and privacy capabilities. Some…

This article was originally published on my old blog.

This article is more a personal note on standard git commands that I regularly use or sometimes forget. It might be useful to you in your source control flow with git. If you want to know about more git commands checkout

Local branches

Create local branch

git checkout -b newfeature

Delete local branch

git branch -d newfeature

Merge branches (newfeature branch into master branch)

git checkout master  
git merge newfeature

Switch to specific branch

git checkout newfeature

List all branches (remote and local branches)

git branch -a

Remote branches

Create remote branch (origin being…

This article was originally published on my old blog.


If you never heard or used the curl command line tool then this post is for you. This post will teach you some basic curl commands. I recommend that you read the official site for more details:

Curl Setup

  1. Download curl zip
  2. Extract the contents (if you have downloaded the correct version you should find curl.exe)
  3. Place curl.exe in a folder where you keep your software (e.g. D:\software\curl\curl.exe)

To run curl from the command line

a) Right-hand click on “My Computer” icon

b) Select Properties

c) Click ‘Advanced system settings’ link


This article was originally published on my old blog.

If you have not heard of Docker yet, then this will help you understand what it is and how to use Docker effectively.

What is Docker?

Here is the definition of the Docker site:

Docker containers wrap up a piece of software in a complete filesystem that contains everything it needs to run: code, runtime, system tools, system libraries — anything you can install on a server. This guarantees that it will always run the same, regardless of the environment it is running in.

Learn more here:

Setup Docker

Docker provides an easy setup package…

This article was originally published on my old blog.


If you work in a business where there is a complex environment of business processes and information systems it can become very difficult to get a good understanding of what is going on in the business. This could lead to wasting money inside the business and not effectively execution of business processes in the business environment.

Enter the APQC Process Classification Framework. This process classification framework assists you to align your business process to industry best practices and benchmark your business processes. …

This article was originally published on my old blog.

Governance is essential for any organization to be in place, be it in the enterprise, function, platform or solution level. In this article, I will discuss how you can get started with governance with the Cobit 5 framework.

Figure 1 — Cobit 5 Logo

The sales pitch for Cobit

I have seen many initiatives and projects failed due to the lack or having proper governance in place. Let’s be realistic it can be difficult to get governance correct and in most cases people don’t even know where to get started with governance.

This is where Cobit 5 comes to the rescue. Cobit…

Passion for Software and Enterprise Architecture. I like to play with Azure and programming languages (C#, Rust, JavaScript and Angular).

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