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If you never heard or used the curl command line tool then this post is for you. This post will teach you some basic curl commands. I recommend that you read the official site for more details:

Curl Setup

  1. Download curl zip
  2. Extract the contents (if you have downloaded the correct version you should find curl.exe)
  3. Place curl.exe in a folder where you keep your software (e.g. D:\software\curl\curl.exe)

To run curl from the command line

a) Right-hand click on “My Computer” icon

b) Select Properties

c) Click ‘Advanced system settings’ link

d) Go to tab [Advanced] — ‘Environment Variables’ button

e) Under System variable select ‘Path’ and Edit button

f) Add a semicolon followed by the path to where you placed your curl.exe (e.g. ;D:\software\curl)

Now you can run from the command line by typing the following commands.

Get Commands

Basic Get


Basic Get output to file

curl -o google.html

Specify Header

curl -H X-ApiKey:17263jhbjh1gjhgb

Display all response headers and body

curl -i

Display only all headers

curl -I

Post Commands

Send post request

curl -X POST

Send post request with data

curl -X POST -d '{ data: value}'

Send JSON data

curl -X POST \  
-d '{"myrandomkey":{"name":"ethan"}}' \
-H X-CloudMine-ApiKey:e90ef1aeaadd48de93b45038ed592a06 \
-H "content-type:application/json"
Common content-type: application/xml application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Send delete request

curl -X DELETE

Send content in file in request (Great for large amount of data)

curl -X POST -d @./path/to/file

HTTP Basic Authentication request

curl -X POST -u username:password

Make request verbose

curl -v

These commands just provide a small taste of what is possible with curl.


I hope these commands help you get started in using curl. I use curl to quickly test APIs. It is a very helpful little tool.
Again I would recommend reading the official documentation to understand some of the more advanced features.

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