What if Americans became Refugees ?

After a nice dinner with your friends, you go home and tuck your kids.You go to sleep and dive your head into your silky pillows. So comfy. In a middle of a dream, you hear a huge noise.

You open your eyes but everything is dark.You have dust on your lips, it tastes weird. You look up and realize your roof is gone.

You turn around to wake your husband up . You stop for a second and then you scream. You scream until you can’t breathe. You scream but you can’t hear anything.

The shell that fell from a war airplane made you deaf for life. But you dont know that yet.You keep screaming as you discover your roof fell and killed your husband. You repeat “Mike is dead. Mike is dead.”

You start running to your son’s room and discover your 3 years-old baby boy covered in blood and dust. He’s crying but you can’t hear him. You feel his body looking for wounds — thank god he’s ok.

You grab your son and run to your car. He’s heavierIn the street it’s total chaos. Cars are burned and people are running everywhere.

“Get out of here, Get out of here.” You keep telling yourself.

You rush into Sunset Boulevard and dodge a body on the floor. It can’t be happening, it must be a nightmare. You are going to wake up and get your double non-fat late from Starbucks. Right? But it looks so real.

On the left, WholeFood has been completely smashed by a bomb. Only a few carts survived. You suddenly hit the brakes — the road ahead is just a big hole. You turn right and head to the highway. You need to leave Los Angeles and drive as fast as you can.

Your baby boy is still crying his lungs out. “Everything will be ok baby” you tell him but you are sobbing so hard it’s hard to believe.

You drive and drive and drive. You are lucky you filled your tank last night, all the gas station are empty. After few hours, you reach the Mexican border. Why are those soldiers pointing their guns at us you tell yourself.

Don’t they know what just happened to us ? We have been attacked. We need to cross the border. The endless line of cars ahead of you is not moving. That’s enough. You decide to carry your son and walk. You need to see what’s happening. As your walking you see some people with signs behind a fence. Their signs say “ Go home. We don’t want you here.”

You don’t understand. You can’t go h0me, you don’t have one anymore. It can’t be for you. You just want to be safe with your son. You walk towards a soldier who pushes you away like you mean nothing.

“Why aren’t you letting us in” you shout at him ? “I have a baby, we have been attacked. Let us in !”

The officer looks at you and say “ We can’t host all the misery in the world. We need to take care of our people first.”You start screaming and crying. You shout at him “ Are you letting us die here?”

He just looks away.

A man behind the fence spits on your face “ Go back where you came from.”You collapse on your knees and hold your baby tight. It’s now war in your country and nobody will help.

It might seems unreal to see that happening in America, but it doesn’t mean it’s not happening to someone else right this second.

Nobody is a refugee by choice. Remember that.

Today is Refugee Day, think about them, take actions even a small one. Volunteer or donate. http://www.unhcr.org/refugees.html