Why I Guide

Leaders have to balance their own needs with those of the people and organizations they lead. I care a lot about the person who lives underneath those responsibilities and believe in the power of connecting leaders to their inner pursuit of clarity, growth, aliveness and fulfillment. That’s why I guide.

Our society has developed great models for coaching — a valuable set of tools for any leader. Whereas coaches advise, teach and train with the aim of peak outward performance for their clients, a guide will journey their client inward, first. The terrain we cover is getting clear what the leader wants, and what internal changes and shifts they need to make. Then, with greater clarity, a guide will then walk right alongside the client as they go up the mountain, unfolding these things in their lives and organizations.

In 2014, I was on a trek in Peru that would take me up to 16,000 feet. For the first two days I could hardly breath. I walk fast and talk fast and this new challenge was something that struck a chord with me. Because I wasn’t adapting to the altitude, I had to suspend a lot of my internal beliefs about what I needed to do to move faster and simply take one step at a time.

Our group became split; the main group and the “tortuga” group which was made up of me, my best friend and the caboose guide. At one point I started thinking about Mary Schmich’s quote, “the race is long, but in the end it’s only with yourself”. I repeated it over and over. And every step got me closer. I gave up the efforting and the pushing and simply tried to take a deep breath with each step. I also experienced the profound impact of the support I allowed in from the two other people who were simply walking with me. They let me rest every few steps and provided small words of encouragement — “you got this”. It was with this inner focus and guided support that I was able to make it to 16,000 ft.

I aim to translate this experience into the work I do with others. Although I have spent the last 5 years working with leaders in startups and have undergone trainings to be an NLP practitioner, I don’t view myself as a subject matter expert nor do I pretend to know what everyone needs to be successful. In fact, I most enjoy working with highly capable people who are already experts in their own right, and are simply open to growth, change, clarity and expansion in their lives.

I guide to be a teammate in thought and an outside entity that is invested in helping my client live fully.

How I work:


Kickoff session: A preliminary session can go in many directions. A few things we might work on could include:

  • Developing a shared understanding of your version of reality
  • Helping you identify and understand your personal barriers to change
  • Identify internal resources to overcome change or internal beliefs

Ongoing support

  • Providing exercises, tools and techniques to help you embrace changes you want to make

Groups: I work with groups to identify personality differences, train on rapport skills, and maintain efficient and positive communication within group dynamics.

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