If “Procrastinator” was an actual job title

I would rock the shit out of that position. At the current moment, I am sitting in a Starbucks, shopping online for nail polish colors instead of doing my job. We work from home once a week, and I always find myself struggling to focus. There’s just so many good things to look at on the internet!

I definitely get my work done, but there are many, many days that I retire into a secluded corner in the office to just dick around on the internet. There’s only so long that my brain can focus. Especially if something I’m working on is incredibly boring. I take breaks after 20 minutes, and sometimes my breaks last longer than what I worked. I think it’s a healthy balance.

In school, I told myself I worked better under pressure, and that’s how I justified procrastinating everything. Oh this project is due in 5 days; I’ll wait until day 4 then crank that shit out. It worked for the most part. Except for math. But even if I studied for that I would fail.

Maybe I wouldn’t have to procrastinate as much if our work days were shorter. That in and of itself is a completely different topic, but I can touch on it now. If our work days were only like 5 hours long, I would definitely pack more into my day so I could finish and go play. This 9 hour bs is killing me. I’m only productive for about 5 hours of that anyway.

I think if my job wasn’t so boring right now I wouldn’t procrastinate as much. Before I changed positions I was PACKED every day and barely had time to each lunch. Now that I’m not directly in charge of any clients, I have a lot more time to twiddle my thumbs and find other things to do.

If I could find a job where I just procrastinated tasks all day, I would be employee of the year.