50 Latina Tech Founders — The Stats

Data on Founders

Like many others, I was interested in knowing more about these 50 founders. I used public data and data the founders shared with me privately to get a better understanding of who they are.

24% of Latina tech founders who have raised more than $1 million are solo founders and almost 50% are CEOs

Data on Companies

We had 3 pairs of Latina co-founders! Therefore I sliced the data by company (N=47) to take a look at where these companies are located and who is helping them get started.

81% of Latina-founded companies who have raised more than $1 million are based in the United States, and they are concentrated in New York and California

36.2% of the 50 Latina-founded companies never went through an accelerator or incubator, including 4 of the top 5 most funded companies

Current List

Today, I am excited to share the updated list of 50 founders:

Let’s get this list to 100!



Co-founder, VP of Product @caremessage

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Cecilia Corral

Cecilia Corral

Co-founder, VP of Product @caremessage