Please do not think that I voted for him.
Robert Howell

well, I am very glad we see eye to eye on Climate Change.

btw, what I “hate” is racism, sexism, scapegoating, bullying, fascism….all those very UN-American ideas.

throughout this last year — and even before — trump has encouraged hatred of fellow Americans. I reject that.

I live in a very mixed neighborhood. It’s a beautiful, quiet middle class place. It includes Muslims, Sikhs, various asians, Mexicans and many others from South America, Polish, Irish, Italian, black, and who the heck knows what else. We all get along just fine. people go to work, they all keep their homes clean, no fights, no arguments, everyone is nice to each other.

One of my friends works in a favorite diner and he’s from El Salvador — he was VERY worried (paranoid, really) and I tried to assure him that I would do everything in MY power to prevent ANYONE coming into MY neighborhood and disturbing MY wonderful neighbors. Unlike trump I actually have empathy for people. Especially nice people who work hard and help make my neighborhood a great place to live.

I HATE that trump made him worried about simply BEING in this country. That’s why this election is not normal. This is not a game. This is life and death.

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