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Fifth and last assignment of Ironhack’s pre-work and the advent of the UX/UI course :)

The goal

In this final exercise, we had to conduct a usability test on a University website (Carnegie Mellon University), and suggest some improvements that can be done to improve the overall experience.

The approach

I chose my husband to be my tester user, because he is not quite related to the academic scenario…

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Fourth assignment of Ironhack’s Pre Work and the one that made me realise this is not as easy as it may look like.

The goal

In this exercise we had to do a reverse thinking process, in order to wireframe the UI of an existing app, dedicated to car sharing.

The aim of this whole assignment was for us to understand what is and what is not important when we wireframe, so we can focus…

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Second assignment in Ironhack’s pre work, or how to accept that you are NOT your user.

The goal

We had to come up with a feature for a bank app, that will allow customers to pay using the mobile app, instead of using a credit card.

To achieve this, we had to interview five feasible users, ask them about their experiences and identify the pain-points of the process…

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First assignment of Ironhack’s Prework. UX/UI, BCN.

But first, a word…

Hi 👋🏼,
this is Cecilia.
Current Design Project Management teacher.
On my way to become a UX designer.
On my thirties. Mom of two. Kinda happy.

Welcome to my humble diary, where I plan to describe my experience as a part-time Ironhacker, here in sunny Barcelona.

Maybe you already know…

Cecilia Gorriz

Multimedia & Audiovisual Designer. Associate professor @Bau, Barcelona. Currently focused in UX/UI and raising memorable humans.

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