From 642 Things to Write About #18

Prompt: Write a short story that is set in Argentina in 1932, in which a teacup plays a crucial role.

José sat on a high chair with a newspaper on his lap. Setting down the cup of black, bitter coffee to pick up the newspaper, he became alarmed by the sharp knocking on the front door of his shop. José was an antique collector. In his store hid thousands of collectible items from the 1800s some older. “Who is it?” he asked as he stood up slowly from his chair, the limp in his leg making it difficult for him to walk quickly. No answer except for more knocking, harder this time. Aware that it might be a military official, José called out that he was coming to the door and quickly fixed himself before unlocking the door and opening it. Much to his surprise, it wasn’t a military official, but a young woman in a white, patterned dress with light blue flowers holding in her hands which were held close to her chest, a teacup the same color and pattern. He instantly recognized the cup and in the young woman’s face, his brother Antonio.

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