What Digital has brought to the practice of journalism?

Nowadays, the power of technology has really influence the actual practice of journalism without journalist noticing it. The internet has provided us various new ways to gather and present information. Among all the positive impact the technology and internet has on news production, the article (please refer to the link) also pointed out the downside of the new technology

The very first example of The Huffington Post shows that when both the process of information collection — “extracting” information from other mainstream media — and the creation of “its own journalism” failed, the only why to boost revenue is through advertising, which is to draw more readers. This seems to be very common in the first generation of digital news sites. However, the question then was raised — would too much ads & the lack of original reporting effect the overall quality of the site?

“The HuffPost is no longer fully committed to original reporting; that in a system governed largely by metrics, deep reporting and quality writing weigh in as a lack of productivity.”


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