Don’t Expect Anything

The truth is simple: those who want something badly enough will most likely ruin their chances of getting what they want. People assume they know how the world works in the same way they think they know themselves, but their picture-perfect ideal always falls short of their expectations as these people eventually fall victim to their own psychology.

My brief existence has taught me that the most beautiful things in life come to me at the least expected times. I don’t ask for these moments to happen to me; they require no expectation. People who hold expectations are gambling against something outside of their control, and when things end up going the opposite direction, they fight harder to gain back what they think is control of the situation.

This resistance almost always leads us to failure. Try to remember the last time you were losing at something and getting angrier about it every time the outcomes didn’t go your way. Your growing obsession with winning probably masked over the chances you had of success as you resisted to change your focus from the game’s end result. Failure does not comply to your wants, or to how much you cry at the end of the game.

On the other hand, the face of success is effortless and light as it mirrors the feeling that emits inside of you. True success at something is quite serendipitous and not very well-expected. It is not something that has been planned, but something that has been worked on — worked on endlessly. To master anything takes not a quick fix, but a lifetime of failing.

Living is like floating on a river: those who resist the current will sink while those who keep their minds clear will float upon its surface. The truth of life comes when you don’t expect anything. Moments like these come when you appreciate the beauty of what you are given and come to appreciate more of what you have already. Clear your mind from your destinations, and opportunities will come clearer to you.

What I have learned is that your level of fortune does not come from the rubric in your head. Those who obsess over what they want end up closing their mind from much greater opportunities and thus, they end up narrowing their paths to simply one outcome that has the same chance of success as it has failure. The higher your head’s in the sky, the farther it will fall, and it all comes down to your decision whether or not you will pick yourself up and try again.