Lessons on Changing Your Fate

The truth is that everyone loves to feel important . As opposed to listening to others, many of us prefer to recite our own insight and preach it as legitimacy. Sometimes the sight of someone else’s acomplishments brings our egos to a sore place, entailing in us labeling such achievments as being “granted” or “given to” rather than being earned. There’s always a reason behind your position, and that of the person ahead of you. There can always be an excuse in place of your failure, but the truth is that you’re in denial more than anything else.

The reality that you simply can’t recognize is that you are wasting your time. If you are unhappy about your life, notice that all of your decisions, no matter how miniscule, culminate to make up your successes — as well as your failures.

Don’t feel sorry for what life hasn’t done for you, feel sorry for not having done enough for yourself.

Chances are if you are not getting work done, you are procrastinating — period.

Yes, it’s possible to be in an unhappy place and be comfortable at the same time. Most people chose to do nothing but wait for life to take them somewhere. It’s as if people feel tired, and prefer to wait for something to happen to them rather than do the work to get out of it. Don’t fall in that rut.

Control your mind, and take control of the situation.

Sometimes it’s good to let your mind wonder, but let it wonder far enough and you will lose control.

A cluttered mind is not the same as an effective mind. Most of the time, if your not busy working ahead, you are wasting your time on thoughts that just simply don’t matter.

Yeah, some leisure time can he beneficial, but even time-relishing philosophers like Seneca worked for a purpose.

Change your attitude, and you can change the game.

Having trouble getting things done?

Putting your self to work can be a fullfilling experience, but it’s also on the side of the more challenging things to do.

Catching your mind upon one small thing or another snowballs into a mountain of irrelevent thoughts, and you might just find yourself having the whole day waisted out of nothing.

One thing to get your mind in the right place is to take advantage of every opportunity.

Take opportunity by the balls.

Most people don’t realize how much they set themselves back with excuses. When you say no to something, you are limiting yourself by hiding opportunity under a rug. Everyone can take advantage of something, and to say that you have nothing to do means that you haven’t done enough.

My final words are to not just let your mind run free. Give this brilliant tinker-box something to do! Don’t waste its space and power just to keep busy.

When you have an assignment, get it done. Think of nothing else but this. When there’s something taking your attention, take advantage of it. When it comes down to it, you are the controller of your fate.