Why Question Faith?

To have faith in something does not necessarily mean that it is blind. One of the toughest things I had to realize about faith is that it shelters more than just unquestioned dogmatism. How can a person hold on to such uncertain odds but do so faithfully?

I have never felt the way other people did about God. Family trips to the church usually resulted in me feeling left out and unsure of how the rest of the people in the church could see something I couldn’t.

I’d ask them why they believe and almost always the response I received went something like “well I just have faith”. This answer you can’t really accept until the time has come for you to go through the same thing. In life some things you will just chose to believe, and this choice to you has as much truth in it as your five senses.

There are just some things that refuse to be explained through words or through facts, but just because something is against a calculation of odds or a popular opinion does not mean that it deserves to be overlooked. Since we don’t have the power to transcend through our bodies we are only sure of what we personally see. The things beyond us and our small circle of events we will never see, let alone comprehend. To us, the world seems small, but there’s just so much more that we haven’t yet seen yet and will never get to see. And like the world we consider so small, so is our truth. Who’s to say that one person’s reality is thus more valid than the other’s? No one has that right.

I guess this article doesn’t just talk about religion, but the fact that faith shouldn’t have to be looked upon so doubtfully. To have faith means to hold commitment, through times of doubt and times of pain. It means to have the strength to move on, and to keep the ball rolling even when it sticks. When people say they “just believe” it is as simple as that — to simply believe. What’s wrong with something so purely devoted in a world full of half-hearted pursuit?