How Did I Make $7.6 Million in revenue Using Shopify + Facebook Ads in the last 10 months.

Hello all,

First Of All i am not coach and i don’t sell anything .

I am back with some inspiration for all of who are struggling to make money online or are unable to scale up the business.
To be honest, I can brag about how easy it is to do it. You will have a magic wand which you just move on the Shopify store & money will flow. Let’s face it — there is nothing is called as a free lunch. We all need to work hard to achieve the results. remember this post is not about technical details on how i do it’s about how i develop success mindset to do it .

Let me tell you exactly what & how I did to reach here.

Mindset Shift (invest in yourself First):

Till last year, I was always looking for the done for you system or some techniques which can help me to quick money. In doing so, I had spend money on one system to another & outcome was that my situation had not changed. In fact, my financial losses were growing because of unplanned spends. I am sure most of us would have gone this journey or going through it at the moment. Let me the truth, if you want to be successful then do not follow the system rather create the you system.
I was in the in very bad situation as you are. I had lost my job on the day when my daughter was born, 3 years & 5 months back. I still remember people telling me that your daughter is unlucky. To which my response was that she is not unlucky rather she is demanding, She is telling me”Mom whatever you are earning is not enough me please make more money “
I would suggest that don’t take action based on your current situation rather take steps based on where you want to be. Once you are clear on where want to be set the small goals to achieve them. i would advise you to continuously learning and reading self improvement books . If you do not have enough money to invest in your coaching , then I suggest to spend time learning some stuff watching videos which you can find all over the internet. Believe it or not there are lot of good videos.

Do not copy what successful people do rather copy how did they decide to become successful

Commitment to work

This is the most critical aspect to my journey. I committed myself to give atleast 3 hours per day to learn one method. When I started doing this I was getting distracted from shiny emails which showed magical techniques to make money — Oh by the way this techniques are not used by anyone , In order to get avoid the distraction, I cleaned my emails and unsubscribe to all the irrelevant information providers.

Stick to one method

I have been into online marketing for more than 10 years, and while I was on Job I have handled mostly e-commerce clients. So I knew one thing that if I can generate the revenue for them then I can generate revenue for myself, without any hesitation. In Jan, I decided to start with e-commerce store on Shopify. When I decided to go ahead with I haven’t looked anything after that.

Building my own system

This was this first milestone I wanted to achieve, so I decided to create my own system. Initially, I use to get confuse on what is the system and I always believed that system means money making machine. Which is true for me today also Then I started created system for everything right from how to do a market research, how to find the niche, how to build the store, how to plan your campaigns, how to create test and many more things.

Mastering one traffic generation techniques

There are many techniques available in market using which you can generate traffic. To be honest, I like all the methods and at the same time the bitter truth is that not all the techniques will work for everyone. With that reality, I decided to go ahead and learn FB advertising to the core. While I was learning, I was using Google Adwords to promote my store.


Let ask you this to all of you here “Are you all ready to step up your efforts to generate money in 2017?”
I am sure no one here would say NO…
When everyone says YES then why it is not happening. I will tell you what I think.
While I speak with them I get following responses:
“How much money can I make?” This question is 100% relevant but then before there one question you should ask yourself “On scale 1–10, how committed are you to make money?” Anything less than 10 means your are not committed, do whatever is required to make yourself to be on 10.
readers, I would say that continue doing the good work. Stop the noise which stops your progress. Learn the skills that help you to step up the money making game.
God Bless & Have a Super Duper 2017….