Lyme Life- Healing with The A-Team

The Original A-Team. Alamay/AF Archive

In the paraphrased words of B.A. Baracus a.k.a. Mr. T, “A good offense is the best defense” against Lyme Disease. To save you from making yourself sicker — and crazy — with tens of hours of Internet research and thousands of dollars spent on doctors and healers who leave you confused and still sick, I’ve created a website with my A-Team of health care practitioners to be your offense in recovering from the Lyme Disease. The site also has Lyme Disease support groups and other healing resources like meditations and diet recommendations.

My A-Team and these resources were my offense in healing from Lyme Disease and the Epstein-Barr virus. The A-Team supported me through fevers, memory and vision loss, chronic pain, and a roller coaster of emotions to being healthy, vibrant, and fully engaged in life. After two years of treatment my symptoms were 70% gone. At four years, I am 95% symptom-free. If you have Lyme Disease, you understand what this means.

My Bay Area A-Team is the best of the best of the health care practitioners who supported my healing. I have worked with each of them and each of them contributed to me now having a life fuller life than I’ve ever had.

In case you’re wondering, I receive no compensation for sharing this information. My reward is a warm feeling in my heart kindled by the belief that one person might live healthfully with Lyme Disease because they worked with the A-Team and took advantage of this site’s resources.

We win no awards in life for suffering. Make your life easier, check out my Lyme Disease eradicating A-Team, and start feeling healthy again — sooner. If you have a friend or family member with Lyme Disease, make their life easier too, and share the site with them.

Warm wishes for your healing.