Activists Are Being Targeted By Spy Agencies — Interview With The Internet Party’s Suzie Dawson
Caitlin Johnstone

Very informative. I described what I was enduring include a multitude of crimes to the “National Center for Victims of Crimes” here in the U.S. They told me that I was a victim of “group stalking” aka “organized stalking”, “government sponsored stalking”, “cause stalking”, “gang stalking”. I had no idea that there were people in high places that would do this to everyday ordinatary citizens. I’m taken aback by the tyranny and treason especially involving Mayors, County Supervisors, medical providers, utility companies, and so many others. Hospitals, surgery centers and others have covered up the prolific damage that I have suffered via workers’ comp medical procedures. I was systematically maimed. It was after the 3rd lumbar ESI procedure wherein I was brutally forced under anesthesia and maimed from my skull down to my tailbone. They even injected my organs and soft tissue with some sort of harmful substance.

To this day, I endure all sorts of technological attacks that Dr. Robert Duncan refers to as “no touch torture”. Microwaves, directed energy weapons, synthetic dreams, stalking, electronically delivered mal-odorant attacks — particle beaming and much more. I don’t know at this point, who in government is not a part of these heinous programs.

The video would have been better without the music.

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