That time I photographed Obama…

Welp, it’s about time I finally stream-of-conscious my way through this story. It’s been 8 years since this way cool thing happened to me. Let me tell you all about it.

When Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president, everyone I knew was thrilled. They all remembered him for his 2004 speech at the Democratic National Convention. I was intrigued.

I found out that he was coming to Austin, where I live, to speak. It would be his first stop since announcing his candidacy. Thrilled, I contacted someone at the University of Texas, the student organization I assumed was running the event. I got a call back, an invitation to join them for a “sign making party.” I was only interested in getting access to photograph Obama. Finally, I talked to someone who told me I was welcome to shoot photos, but she wanted copies of all the photos and the rights to use them.

“What would you want to use them for?”

“We run a direct mail campaign and we’re always needing images for press.”

I wasn’t talking to a student, I realized. I commented on that, asking what organization she represented. When she responded “The campaign! Obama for America!” I was stunned. And excited. “Of course I will let you use my photos! I want to support Obama in any way I can!”

It was 2007, and my journey with Barack Obama had just begun. I’ll try to write more tomorrow.

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