Fuck you for saying so and fuck those of you who believe him and all the other abortion liars.

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My sons Nicholas and Zachary would be turning 15 right now. But they aren’t here. They aren’t here because in 2004 —when I had just entered the third trimester of my pregnancy—I developed severe preeclampsia.

The disease had already killed one of my boys by the time I was admitted to the hospital, and during that first night there I got sicker and sicker until I was almost dead too.

I could tell you all about it.

I could tell you about the procedure I had — it’s the big one, the one the abortion foes get all upset about. Yes, I had what’s commonly called a “partial birth abortion” — except I won’t call it that because that medical procedure doesn’t exist. …


Cecily Kellogg

Writer. Recovering Mommy blogger. People pay me to put words on pages and I’m pretty good at it.

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