Get ready for Matter’s 100 Days of Summer.
Corey Ford

Happy Matterers

My co-founders Jacob Trefethen, Guillaume Sabran & I were extremely fortunate to be members of Matter Five and I think I speak for all of us when I say that joining Matter was the single best thing we could have done for our company, Metta — a new platform and community for user-generated virtual reality & 360 videos (

Our first day at Matter!

Over the last few months Corey Ford, Lara Ortiz-Luis, Rebecca Bowring, Liz Kopp, Pete Mortensen, Jake Shapiro and the extended Matter family have consistently pushed us forwards and given us the confidence and tools we needed to become better entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the media landscape.

Alongside the incredible community of media entrepreneurs that Matter has brought together in its various classes, Matter offers media-focused companies the opportunity to develop awesome relationships with some of the most pioneering media companies out there.

The Matter team is going from strength to strength and I can’t wait to see the next batch of companies they take on!

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