My entreaty

You are the type of guy women marry

The kind I should want…

The kind that knows how to cater to them and make them happy

To love them and hold their hand when life’s struggles arise

the kind in some sense, I do want…

You are a wonderful person

But you’re not right for me

You never have been

I want success, passion… travel, love

but I can’t see it with you

I’m sorry but that’s true

I know you love me

You’ve said and implied as much countless times

Dearly, Deeply

For what reasons, ask as I have,

yet I don’t fully understand

But I know you aren’t for me

I’ve never mislead you

I’ve tried being your friend

And I’ve tried being honest all along

And especially, when I finally

Realized with certainty

That we could never be more

I’ve never so much as held your hand

Every hug with only platonic love

Never to have been confused with a lover’s embrace

I’m sorry to hurt you

Honestly, it hurts me to know it’s true

But I hope one day

You’ll appreciate my honesty

The way I let you go

Instead of kept you hanging on

I could have done that, I know

So many girls & women do

But I can’t

It’s not in me to be so dishonest

With emotion so precious

I hope now

After today’s text

You will move on

I know it already cuts deep

I’m sorry to cause you pain

But with these words,

I see release

And for that reason, I couldn’t delay

I’m imagining you happy one day

With someone who loves you in every way

And for that reason, I can’t ask you to stay

Even if staying only meant passively waiting…

as you’ve explained so many times…

I know, you “don’t mind”


For me to be more than a friend

And while that seems innocent enough

Maybe somewhat simple too


Only waiting can hurt too

Now my entreaty to you is this:

Move on for you

I truly want you to

You deserve it

Move on because I am not so important that I deserve your heart when I can’t reciprocate…

So I said goodbye today to our friendship…

For every kindness you’ve shared, I am deeply moved & ever appreciative.

I hope one day you’ll see it was the kindest thing I could do for you.

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