Top 21 Writing Styles Journalists need for Social Media

Social media has really emerged as a craft for journalists in the last year, like writing great headlines in print ten years’ ago. It’s clear the major news players are investing considerable people resources in making their social content sing.

Here are my list of 21 best writing styles for Twitter and Facebook posts to boost engagement and get your content read.

1. Question to engage:

Artist and human right activist Ai Weiwei believes tweeting is NOT a crime, do you? Join him and help change lives now

2. Belonging:

Like the women in this film, any one of the thousands of women marching in Dublin today could be made a criminal if she tries to have an abortion in Ireland. Tell Ireland that she is #notacriminal NOW:

3. Call to action:

Join our supporters across the globe writing millions of letters to change the lives of people whose rights have been attacked

4. Sell without revealing too much:

This powerful US newspaper front page has a stark message about gun control

Here’s why Roghul Khairzad is the bravest woman in Afghanistan

How capitalism destroyed your family — and why it doesn’t matter

5. Boost it with visuals:

Why Oscar Pistorius has only now been found guilty of murder

6. Social media update shows you are in the loop:

Politicians who tweeted sympathy for San Bernardino victims are being ‘shamed’

People are sharing this stunning photo of Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ on a building in Syria

7. Agree to disagree:

Sorry Chris Pratt, but Harrison Ford will never be replaced as Indiana Jones

8. Action verbs not nouns:

Read the full Pistorius verdict — including scathing comments on his reliability as witness

9. Retweet great content with added value

10. Seed with @notifications for impact

The countries that suffer the most from terrorism @StatistaCharts

11. Listicles

The 10 biggest business stories on Thursday December 3

6 innovations that are changing the Uzbekistan business sector.

12. Proper sentences to add value to a picture

A woman who has been delivering milk to residents in Chennai for 25 years braves the floods

13. Put hashtags on a picture

14. Sexy quote

UK border control programme ‘failing to deliver value for money’

15. Sell speed

Quick: Catch up on all the Star Wars films in just three minutes

Slow: Analysis — Ethnic minorities in Myanmar denied vote as Aung San Suu Kyi claims power

16. Caption cartoons

No PM would ever take us to war on a lie…would they? Today’s @Independent cartoon#SyriaVote #syriaairstrikes

17. Blatency

We wouldn’t dare call any of these world leaders terrorist sympathisers [include link]

18. Clarity of perspective

A reminder of the Syrian boy who explained what many don’t get about the refugee crisis

19. Build up attention for upcoming events

Will you be joining us at 1pm? How do we solve the growing humanitarian funding crisis? #globaldev

20. Feedback and engagement review

We asked to see your experiences of #water scarcity across the globe — here are your stories #H2Oideas

21. Big up new and breaking

*NEW* Buenos Aires: bringing public services to the ‘invisible’ slums #globaldev

*BREAKING* Armenian drug lord killed for spying on the opposition [link] [hashtag]

Any more suggestions let me know @cecook