The drudgery of daily life.

Can make the simplest of tasks seem monumental, even if it is something you want to do, daily life gets in the way. I work (get paid for) 60+ hours a week. But that doesn’t include the time spent at my parents house helping them out, or the time I’m now putting into my sisters garden, and I still want to read, and write and create. And it gets to the point of, oh crap I guess I better read something, or Ugg I really should start painting. Then I start looking at my apartment and its screaming , will you please put away your laundry? I have been better about dishes until this week…this week though I haven’t been home to dirty dishes so my kitchen still looks like I’m finally on top of one area of my life.

But I want to write, and paint, and create and all those things that makes my heart happy…and the last month has been spent trying to figure out how to accomplish that. It would help if my life had a schedule, but evey week changes. Every week has its own rule book it seems. and just when I think I have it figured out the week is over and I have to start all over.

All of this to say…I am going to create. I am going to write. Why? Because it is my lifeblood. I have stuff inside me others need to read or see or experience. If I don’t get it out I’ll go mad with the guilt of seeing the cemeteries of dead ideas. I can’t just sit by and let the ideas and dreams fade into nothingness. I have declared war on my life. A war that will win the battles of daily drudgery, a war that will produce writing, and a war that will produce art work and crafts.

Life you have been put on notice. You are going to change.

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