Student Advisory: The Why’s and What’s

The Department of Student Advisory!

The Department of Student Advisory has been instated with the aim of providing students with facilities best suited for their personal and academic growth. With a team comprising of seven individuals, we have encouraged our student body to regularly visit their assigned Advisors to ensure that their time at Cedar is as smooth as possible. Whether it’s an issue regarding your attendance, confusion regarding your subject combination, or mere concerns regarding your future career options — your Advisors serve as your full-time mentors on campus!

While some students may not have had the chance to access such facilities in their former schools, Cedar College has noticed that having such a department in place really helps streamline the struggles that every student goes through in their A Levels. With such a structure in place, we hope to create a more trusting, more welcoming environment for our student body.

Now, so close to the end of the academic year, it is important for students to understand the importance of visiting their advisors on a regular basis. You might not be aware of the benefits yet, but it is vital for you to take advantage of their experience and the advise that they might have to offer. If you have been regularly visiting them from the start of the year, you will notice how they go up and above to ensure that they solve all your problems to the best of their abilities. However, those who did not utilize these facilities since the start of the school year, may feel a little clueless as to what all they have missed out on over the past few months.

Ms Kinza Pathan, Head of Student Advisory Services, hopes to clear up students’ confusion regarding the departments’ roles and duties.

What is the prime motive of having such a department in place?

Your teen years usually involve lots of decision-making, adjustments, and plans for your future. This phase of an adolescent’s life can sometimes be confusing, and even overwhelming. Through our department, we hope to ease the process of helping students decide what career path they want to embark on, and the steps they need to take in order to be successful. It is vital to have information provided to you by an adult who has experience and expertise on the topic. The way we ensure that every student is on the right path and is heading towards their goal, is by guiding each student through the process. Firstly, identifying their goals and then, facilitating the right means of getting there. We do this by considering some very important factors which include: supervising their academic progress, their attendance, and most importantly, their discipline.

How does a student benefit from such a department — both personally and academically?

So, contrary to the misconception, this department is not just for students who may be struggling in school, but in fact, caters to our entire student body. Even students who are performing brilliantly, or doing well on campus, should aim to have meaningful conversations with their Advisors. These could be discussions on university and career options, their challenges on a daily basis as well as on a larger platform, and overcoming personal obstacles which may be hindering their growth and interfering with their aspirations. It is always beneficial to talk to someone who has been through the same process and faced the same challenges that students feel today. All in all, our department aims to make each and every student feel like they have “someone” looking out for them and keeping them on track.

How does the Student Advisory Department serve as a bridge between the student and those serving as major influences in the student’s life?

While students and parents may consider a school’s faculty to be the primary factor for choosing an institute, one fails to recognize the importance of having a well connected and wholesome Administration team in place. Therefore, we make sure that we remain in contact with any and all individuals who play an important role in each student’s life. This includes their teachers, their counsellors, their admin team, their parents, their coaches, and even their peers.

What makes Advisors different from College Counsellors?

College Counsellors are the key people to approach when a student may be getting ready for applying to colleges, both local and international, during their A Levels. However, a Student Advisors’ role begins much before the process of college applications. They are the individuals who help the student streamline their thought process before they actually shortlist where and what they want to study. While Advisors are not responsible for analyzing each student’s profile for specific colleges the way their College Counsellors do, they are responsible for guiding the student down a potential career and academic path. One can say that your Student Advisor helps you come up with a game-plan, and your College Counsellors do everything in their means to make those goals a reality.

Why is it important to involve parents on a regular basis?

While students may feel slightly pressured due to the constant contact that their Advisors maintain with their parents, they will realize that we take such measures for the student’s own benefit. We loop in parents when needed mainly because we understand the importance of having the school and the parent body stand as a united front for the child in question. Since you spend two whole years on campus, it is essential to have your parents updated about your ongoing progress, including your achievements and challenges.

Teacher, mentor, or friend? Which role do you think you play on a regular basis as a Student Advisor?

I think every Advisor plays the role of a mentor for their student. As soon as you enter through the doors of this office, you know well that your Advisor is someone who is eager to sit and give you the life advice that you may want, or rather need, to hear. Sometimes, having an objective point of view, an opinion your family and friends may be unable to give, is what you really need at this stage of your life. As a team, we hope that in the long run you fully understand the purpose of the why’s and what’s of your Advisors!

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.” — Greg Reid.

An A Level college in the heart of Karachi, led by a team of educational pioneers.

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