5 Factors That Will Influence Cost of Roof Repair

Roofing can be an expensive and a time consuming task, depending on the how the entire restoration process is conducted or handled. If your roof is not in really bad condition, its maintenance and repairing cost wouldn’t be that much you think it to be. Remember, never to agree for a quote offered by your contractor without assessing it properly.

Keep all this in mind before tallying up the overall cost:

· Roofing Repair Permits

Your residential area can affect the cost of the roof repairs. Your roofer may need to take permits for repair. Price of the repair varies from location to location.

Cedar Roof Repair

In coastal areas, a separate permit is needed to deal with hurricane or tropical storms. A special type of straps and hurricane bracing is required, which adds several hundred dollars to its total cost.

For example, a 1450 square foot of roofing permit can cost from $150 to $450.

· Scope of Repair

It’s quite obvious that the area where you need repair will determine the cost. A roofing contractor calculates the price by square foots. Shingles are sold in terms of square-foot and when it comes to roofing a square is 10-foot-square area. You will be charged for one square even if the maintenance is less. So, know the price of the one square-foot if you have to determine the total cost.

· Roof Type

The cost of your cedar roof repair will depend on its type. Roofs can be flat or sloped, metal or shingled, high or low pitch- or anything else. The roof type is largely responsible for its cost. Roof material plays a significant role in deciding its cost. You may not know but their types make their repair costly or cheap.

cedar roof

· Existing Water Damage

Can water damage your roof to a large extent? Yes, it can! Water can damage a cedar roofing easily. To check the area of damage, the shingles will need to be removed by an expert. Water repairing can be costly aspect; it’s a good idea to check the damage before it becomes severe.

· Chimney and Skylights

During the repairing process, your chimney or skylights may need to be replaced. This will increase the overall cost of the repair. It’s better to ask your contractor to check the condition of the chimney and skylights as they may also need repair.

However, the contractor may not need to replace them, but working around them can also further increase the labour cost, affecting the total cost.

Before selecting the right contractor, you need to look at all the areas that may increase the entire cost of the cedar roof maintenance. It’s advisable to do your homework well in advance to avoid inappropriate pricing deals. After all the smarter you are, the economical your repairing would be. So, research well, be smart!