The Most Important Hot Tubs Chemicals for Your Spa Experience

Hot Tub Chemicals — Clear, Clean and Healthy Water

Most of you like to sit in a hot tub, feel the touch of warm, clean water which takes away the pains and aches of the whole day. You may get dissatisfied a lot to find the water dirty, smelly or with floating air bubbles that come in contact with your skin. But you should not bother. Knowing and using the three of the most important hot tubs chemicals will help you restore the health of water in your tub and add to your soaking pleasure.

Three Important Chemicals for Your Hot Tub Performance

Sanitizing Chemicals — These kinds of Chemicals keep the hot tub water healthy and free from bacteria. With their use, you won’t just let bacteria to grow in your hot tub and spoil your fun of soaking. Sanitizers like Bromine, Chlorine or Biguanide can remove bacteria from your tub. However you have to use things like Ozonator or Mineral Spa care to control the amount of sanitizer in the water. It is the test equipments that will tell you how much sanitizer will be required for your tub water.

Shock Oxidizer — It will help remove the algae that can make your tub water look greenish and dirty. The development of other organic stuff like cosmetic, skin oil, dead skin cells and lotions can also be eradicated using oxidizer. Additionally, it can forcibly bring oxygen into the tub water, starving bacteria, preventing unclear water, and eliminating and reducing various maintenance problems like clogged filters or pipes. However, your selection of shock oxidizer should be done along the lines of the sanitizer you have picked up for your hot tub. If you are using hot tubs chemicals like Bromine or Chlorine, you need to fill the hot tub using Chlorine shock first. Thereafter, a non-chlorine variety can be tried.

Chemicals for Maintaining pH Balance: pH indicates the amount of hydrogen ions present in the tub water. It is necessary to keep it at a balanced point as low (acidic) or high (alkaline) pH can cause damage to the tub equipments.

The pH of your hot tub should be a little above neutral point, ranging from 7.2 to 7.8. Water is to be maintained at the proper alkaline level as slight acidic water can irritate your skin, corrode the parts especially the metal parts in pipes, pumps and nozzles. Keeping the water on the alkaline side of neutral is important, because even a little acidity can cause skin irritation. Similarly too much alkalinity can imbalance the metals and minerals in the water, deposit it on the acrylic surface of the spa and cause slow wear and tear in jets and pumps.

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