Things To Know About Tubby Spa Pilot Saltwater Sanitization Kit

Saltwater Sanitization Kits: –

Do you want to switch to salt water sanitization? But do not want to consider re-plumbing your hot tub or spa? If yes, then there is a solution to your problem, Tubby Spa Pilot Saltwater Sanitization kit. This kit is manufactured by Lectranator, the largest manufacturer of commercial salt water pool system around the world. It is a simple yet efficient kit; which requires absolutely no plumbing.

However, salt water sanitization has become a popular choice for sanitizing hot tubs, pools and spas. Though salt water has been commonly used in Australia and Europe for nearly 40 years, now it has become more common choice in North America.

Installation Procedure: –

  • Add the Tubby Starter Salts to the water.
  • Install the Tubby by plugging it into a GFI protected plug or your spa pack
  • Make some adjustment in the power setting according the amount of chlorine your hot tub needs
  • Add power pouches or MPS Shock after bathing

Quick Facts About Tubby Saltwater Sanitization Kit: –

  • The Tubby Saltwater Sanitization kit works with a convection cell; which is responsible for producing sanitizer with a micro-bubble action that propels water around the cell, reducing the need to operate the circulation pump continuously. This system can help in protecting spas and lessening maintenance. Keep in mind that, it will be able to sanitize any portable spa up to 600 gallon and include a three year, over the counter warranty.
  • Once the Tubby Starter is added to your freshly filled hot tub, then the salt the Tubby Starter Blend start to break down by electrolysis to produce pure chlorine gas in your spa water. However, bromine can be generated with the addition of bromaid (also provided).
  • The Power Pouches or another MPS shock like Oxy-Pur should be added after each use. It will make sure that any organic debris is oxidized and will also help you keep the pH level stable.
  • The most amazing thing with salt water sanitization is the perpetual reaction. Moreover, NaCl (Table Salt) or NaBr (Bromine Salt) is broken down into pure chlorine (Cl) or bromine (Br) with a positively charge Na (Sodium) ion left over. However, once the Br or Cl attacks any foreign matter (sanitizes) and then returns back to the Na molecule and becomes NaCl or NaBr once again. This means, you only need to add the salt once and the reaction works until you make decision to drain the water.
  • The hassle of handling and adding bromine or chlorine is gone forever. Moreover, traditional sanitizer has become a fading equipment. In fact, the mild salt water can leave your skin silky smooth and can not give rise to any red stinging eyes or bleach out bathing suits.
  • Due to the smooth operation, the Tubby Sanitizer kit has been awarded as the top 50 products by Pool and Spa news in the year of 2007.

Where Do You Find The Best Tubby Saltwater Sanitization Kit: –

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