A Birthday Epistle to Muyiwa Alesh

I remember an impromptu interview where I messaged everyone for assistance at about midnight or past the time, only to not just get a response from you but a comprehensive guide on how to do research and prepare. You were the person I least expected to respond because I thought you could possibly be busy yet you did, and that helped the most.

I know we haven’t related much but I’ve been privileged to relate with people who have related with you closely, and it tells me alot about you, even in the way you get work done. One of the best things that happened to me at the start of my digital career was taking your classes amongst others as a member of the clan. I’ll always be grateful for those classes because they made a great compass to navigate through these digital waters.

Your intentional will to always give the latest version of best is second to none, and this is because you want us to know and understand what we do so we can become better while doing it. How you and the team managed your official duties and the clan's programmes under your leadership was exemplary. I'd like to think that you're the reason why we're celebrating teachers' day today because, to be honest, you simply live the qualities doing your job.

I’d also like for you to know that, you do not only inspire people like my oga but also people like me because when they draw their inspiration from you, we draw ours from them, and the thing keeps going like that, onto other people whom you may never know or see.

I want to thank you for everything that you are doing, especially for the clan. I may not have the best of gifts but my prayers for you is that you will be blessed with every good thing that is necessary for your mind, body and soul. You will receive grace and strength that you need to soar again this season, and also to fulfill purpose through Jesus Christ.

Happy Birthday, Sir!

Getting to know Muyiwa Alesh for the first time? He is an exemplary leader and head departments in the areas marketing strategy and digital transformation where he effortlessly manages the engagement of elite brands across digital channels through agencies .

His vast experience reveals that he’s done and still doing so much in the digital space, and the three agencies where he’s worked that comes to the top of my head are Nitro 121, Starcom Media Perspectives and the most recent one, Insight Redefini. He is also an active member of DigiClan Africa, a community of digital professionals, where he contributes to its growth through leadership, tutoring and mentoring roles.

I follow him on social media so I know he loves having good food and times. He’s also very friendly, humble and kind, giving room for everyone and anyone. I don’t think there’s anyone he can’t relate with, and yes, even though I haven’t worked with him directly, I have been privileged to see him hangout and meet him at his office during work hours courtesy of my oga and friend, Uchenna, another story that can’t wait to be told!

Plus, I can’t believe I am just taping the button to connect with Muyiwa on LinkedIn today. I must have been following closely to know this little!



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